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This book sets out to break a rule first hypothesized by the great Adam Smith and later codified by another brilliant economist— John Maynard Keynes, perhaps? It goes something like:

To be useful, no book about business can also be humorous.

4 Key Cs to Running an Average Outstanding Small Business is full of practical, relevant, hard-hitting, high-leverage advice delivered in a unique style that includes amusing stories, inspiring examples, satire, and an occasional laugh-out-loud funny.

This is an interesting, useful, inspiring, and—dare I say it—very entertaining read.

The four sections of the book, published serially, focus on critical “Cs,” or disciplines that will create the culture and put in place the systems to transform employees into peak performers. Small business owners who Cultivate, Communicate, Coach, and Compensate with skill will move from average to outstanding and reap the financial rewards.

A quick review of the game stats for the U.S. workforce shows that few employees are engaged (in their job, not to be married), most are unsatisfied, distrust management, and the result is poor performance that is costing hundreds of billions in dollars a year. Small businesses make up the largest employment sector and have much to gain in productivity and profits by implementing what I have named a PEAK PEOPLE SYSTEM.

This first section teaches how to Cultivate a healthy, positive, enriching, corporate culture so your business becomes a place where people grow to reach their full potential. I cover what a business culture is, why humans need one, the difference between entitlement and high-performance, and how you can create on purpose.

There are hard questions to contemplate and answer about purpose, passion, stewardship, and responsibility. There are important things to do including leading by example, visioning, and carefully choosing what to pay attention to so your business will become an exciting, positive, nourishing, highly productive place of work.

Don’t settle for average. Read this book and cultivate an exceptional, outstanding, peak performance culture!

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