Is a Clean Desk a Key to a Messy, Creative Mindset?


I lived most of my life with stacks of paper on my desk, which I think is wood, and piles of manila folders on my floor, which I believe has a rug somewhere.

Create a peaceful space to be completely present, engaged, and focused on whatever you are doing.

I used to boast I knew where everything was or that for a creative person to clean and organize would be like cutting Samson’s hair.

Not true now. Maybe never was.

Perhaps it is a blessing of the busy-ness of growth or the curse of aging, but I found myself wasting more time looking for stuff.

Worse, work-life felt like Steve Martin being jolted awake by John Candy driving on the wrong side of the road careening toward two semis and cackling like a denizen from hell. “You’re going the wrong way! You’re going to kill someone! Those aren’t pillows.” [···]

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Stewardship at Work


What pops into your head when I say “Steward”? Perhaps you think of a memorable wine steward (sommelier) at a fine restaurant. Or, you might think Stewardess, the outdated term for a flight attendant. In this context, a steward is person who serves.

Stewardship goes a little further than “hold my beer and watch this.”

There is, however, a higher meaning relating to stewardship. It is caring for what someone else owns, but has entrusted to us. [···]

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How Do You Discover Why You Are On This Planet?


Winston Churchill said there is a great purpose and design being worked out here below.

Too many end up where they are by accident—not by purpose and design.

The Bible shows God’s ultimate plan is to have sons and daughters in His family. That is humanity’s greatest destiny and seeking it should inform our every thought and action. Should that belief impact our chosen vocation? [···]

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My Capacity to Love Just Doubled

We have become certifiable lunatics.


Mary’s and my second grandchild was born early Tuesday morning, July 29. I had learned a couple of years earlier how amazing and surprising was the love of a grandparent. We had heard tales, rumors, and legends – but when Rivers was born we got it. We became certifiable lunatics with new and powerful feelings. There is something enchanting about the children of your children.

So obvious was our passion for this new life that I think Kristine, our second daughter, might have wondered about our ability to feel the same way about her firstborn, Vivian.

I think all doubts have been laid to rest. Our love for Vivian is absolutely equal to our love for Rivers. It couldn’t be more for it is total. It couldn’t be less for it is a godly attribute shared with grandparents the world over.

So I learned something. As God’s love is without limit, so must humans—made in the image of God and Christ—have the capacity to increase love exponentially.

There is debate about how much brainpower we use. The urban myth is ten percent. Whatever the amount there has to be unused capacity—more for some, less for others—total for politicians. My guess is we only use a small portion of our love capacity.

The secret must be to affix our compassionate eye on one needing to be loved, and the outpouring will come; immediately, magically, and without limit.

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