My Mom is a very special person. Here is a taste of what I learned from her.
The ability to make others laugh is almost as important as the ability to laugh at oneself.
  • There is a personal cost for putting others first.

Other than her faith, there has never been anything more important to Mom than caring for her family. Sometimes that is so difficult that a price has to be paid.

Calling oneself a servant leader without sacrificing for another person is false advertising. We have to put our money (and soul) where our mouth is.

  • Commitment and faithfulness are beautiful virtues that reap bountiful blessings.

57 years of marriage, a gaggle of grandkids, and four great grand children bring Mom and Dad more happiness than anything else in this life could.

Where do our kids see the value of loyalty today? They don’t. It is buried under a pile of personal ambition and lost in the game of hopscotch-resume’-builder.

Now is a great opportunity to be seen as a rare leader, a contrarian who sticks with people to the end.

  • Make your bed before you go to school.

After kidding myself for years that I knew where everything was in the piles of paper on my desk and floor I have embarked on a journey to become OCD organized. You know what? Even for sloppy, creative work being neat and orderly is to be more productive.

And that leaves more time for that precious and underused leadership task—thinking.

  • A sense of humor is a powerful ally.

The ability to make others laugh is almost as important as the ability to laugh at oneself. Mom loves to laugh.

Finding the humor in our daily endeavors helps keep leaders grounded and human. Superman and Batman (except for Micheal Keaton) don’t laugh or make us laugh.

Thank you, Mom! I love you.

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