Winston Churchill said there is a great purpose and design being worked out here below.

Too many end up where they are by accident—not by purpose and design.

The Bible shows God’s ultimate plan is to have sons and daughters in His family. That is humanity’s greatest destiny and seeking it should inform our every thought and action. Should that belief impact our chosen vocation?

Or does that mean we must take a vow of poverty, labor to eliminate hygiene, and contemplate our navel while stroking our beard? Or is each one of us put here with the opportunity to learn our special purpose—to marry our vocation and our avocation, as the late great Dr. Stephen Covey taught?

First, understand that seeking to be godly and finding our unique purpose is not an either/or proposition. It is “and;” it is A plus B. But, just as we have the freedom to misbehave, we have the freedom to choose poorly about how we spend most waking hours—at work. Too many end up where they are by accident—not by purpose and design.

Secondly, believe that each human is invaluable and uniquely gifted. Perhaps you and I should say it in the mirror: “I am incredible valuable and I have special, unique gifts and talents that the world needs now.”

Finally, know one day we will be held accountable for how we used our talents. (We will not be judged on how we used someone else’s talents. I may wish I could inspire an audience like Pavarotti, but don’t have the pipes. Ticketmaster would provide air-sickness bags with the seats. Better I make music a hobby and seek purpose elsewhere lest I be a starving artist who helps no one. That is wisdom.)

If internalized, these truths will lead us to two life-changing paths: to detect, develop, and deploy our unique gifts; and, to never quit until our life’s work is our life’s work.

Society tempts us toward visible achievements that are actually temporal – wealth, position, fame. Eternal truths show what is most impactful – parenting, teaching, serving, loving. There is nothing wrong with the temporal as long as the eternal is not sacrificed on the altar of success. And greater honor may be shown to those who gracefully labor in quiet obscurity.

How will you discover why you are on this planet? I don’t know because to look is deeply personal. For me the journey had fits and starts, failures and misadventures, and took a few decades.

After discovery, the challenge for all of us is to clear a path by eliminating the noise and distractions so there is the space to be.

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