There is a law: a body at rest tends to stay at rest until it drops the flicker. The corollary: inertia stinks impacts all of us. We are perfectly aligned to achieve the results we are getting said thought-leader Stephen Covey. What if we are not satisfied with our results?

Perhaps we should first be brutally honest about whether or not we really want big results. Are we willing to pay the price? The word inertia­—which describes the resistance to change in motion or direction—comes from a Latin word that means ”lazy-butt” (loosely translated).

If you and I really want much better results, we’re going to have to change the way we do things. It may mean working harder, but if we are already working our butt off it means changing our approach. This is not about incremental improvements wrought by gnawing on details. I am talking about game-changers; raising trajectories.

A McMaxim precept states: Change is hard because it means doing something—different. Brilliant!

The first step toward significant improvement is to change the way we think and that means:

  • Admitting that we may have been seduced by the mediocre witch’s incantation: activity equals accomplishment;
  • Taking down our defensive shields and becoming completely vulnerable to the pain of new ideas;
  • Surrounding ourselves with and listening to rebels with a cause (if they are passionate, prepared, and respectful);
  • Actively seeking to read about those who found a new way to skin the cat;
  • Judiciously empowering someone to take something into uncharted waters—preferably 180 degrees from our current path;
  • Realizing that if we are comfortable—we ain’t changing!

Part of the magic of being human is the ability to continually learn, grow, overcome, improve, and change. We shouldn’t buy into the paralyzing notion that age diminishes these gifts.

We can overcome inertia! We can earn huge results. It starts with an uncomfortable mental journey to form new pathways in our grey matter.

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