We have become certifiable lunatics.

Mary’s and my second grandchild was born early Tuesday morning, July 29. I had learned a couple of years earlier how amazing and surprising was the love of a grandparent. We had heard tales, rumors, and legends – but when Rivers was born we got it. We became certifiable lunatics with new and powerful feelings. There is something enchanting about the children of your children.

So obvious was our passion for this new life that I think Kristine, our second daughter, might have wondered about our ability to feel the same way about her firstborn, Vivian.

I think all doubts have been laid to rest. Our love for Vivian is absolutely equal to our love for Rivers. It couldn’t be more for it is total. It couldn’t be less for it is a godly attribute shared with grandparents the world over.

So I learned something. As God’s love is without limit, so must humans—made in the image of God and Christ—have the capacity to increase love exponentially.

There is debate about how much brainpower we use. The urban myth is ten percent. Whatever the amount there has to be unused capacity—more for some, less for others—total for politicians. My guess is we only use a small portion of our love capacity.

The secret must be to affix our compassionate eye on one needing to be loved, and the outpouring will come; immediately, magically, and without limit.

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