Small businesses fuel much of the U.S. economy and are the soul of the American dream.

I recently read an article in Inc. magazine that surprised me. It was about employee engagement, an important topic. The surprise was that small startups, immediately known for their fun cultures and engaged teammates, soon enough struggled with their fair share of unmotivated employees. The traditional costume days, Ping-Pong tournaments, and free organic lunches no longer did the trick.  What happened?

They grew, that’s what happened. The bigness that comes with success meant the familial atmosphere that drove the launch was no longer possible. Close interpersonal relationships had to be wedged apart by the mechanics of scale—which brings formal hierarchy—and the limits physics impose on time and space.

There is a great advantage that smaller, well-run businesses can enjoy: the ability to continuously accomplish important work as a tightly knit, happy team.

We at McNeely & McNeely, CPAs love small businesses. We would argue they are the backbone of the American economy and the soul of the American dream. Not every business has to become Apple to feel successful. A small group with a huge heart can delight many customers and do a lot of meaningful work.

Constantly improve, manage your growth, and savor the benefits of smallness.

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