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Start turning good ideas into reality. When you use our business improvement services, you gain a confidante who gives unbiased advice and unlimited encouragement, and that leads to unprecedented growth.

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Eliminate the unknowns and avoid common mistakes when you’re getting your business off the ground. Make smart choices when it comes to accounting, strategic planning, taxes, and more.

Existing Business

Start seeing problems as opportunities for business growth. Save thousands in taxes and get back the numerous hours you have been spending on accounting and administrative jobs. 

Management Consulting

Identify areas or departments that are underperforming and take steps to turn things around. Eliminate what’s causing you financial distress and implement a plan for success.

Eliminate Waste, Encourage Growth

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Let the experts at McNeely & McNeely be your business coach.

Identify strengths and weaknesses.


Remove roadblocks to business growth


Set measurable, achievable goals


Prioritize business needs for improved efficiency


Receive sound investment advice

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Tax Consulting

Business Improvement


Often business owners suspect things could be better, but they’re so busy with day-to-day operations, they never quite get around to figuring out how. That’s like putting off regular health checkups and just hoping nothing is wrong.

The businesses that grow the fastest, make the most, and last the longest are the ones that run lean and know where to seize the best opportunities. Our business improvement services help executives do just that. We will:


 Evaluate your financial information


Analyze operations, spending, workload, back-office functions, and resource allocation


 Review pricing strategies


 Take account of business assets


Review customers and competition


Assist in developing organizational leaders

Business Improvement Gives You


We have decades of experience working with businesses of all sizes, and our experience has given us keen insight into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to business improvement within a company. While what you do and the way you do it is what makes you stand out, you face many of the same challenges as others in your industry. Put our perspective to work for you and let’s start turning roadblocks into building blocks.


Improve Client Experiences

We’ve seen the biggest business improvement from companies dedicated to providing the best possible client experience and delivering the highest possible level of service. We’ll help identify needs and redesign processes.


Streamline Resource Allocation

Are you making the best possible use of staff and resources? Business improvement involves finding the most efficient and economical way to work, reallocating as needed, and tracking resource use over time.


Automate Operations

Anywhere there’s repetition, find opportunities to automate through technology. Business improvement helps identify tasks, find solutions, train users, and measure improvement. We’ll find ways for your business to work smarter, not harder.


Simplify Processes

Accomplish the same goal by eliminating steps. Complete processes more efficiently for more output and lower cost. Business improvement identifies priorities and finds the shortest path from where you are to reaching your goal.


Improve Quality

Provide more value with your products or services with the same resource input. Remove errors, defects, or common causes of complaints. Business improvement takes a systematic approach to analyzing data, implementing change, and measuring results.


Increase Profits

Every business needs to be profitable. We will help identify new profit streams that may have been overlooked. We’ll also examine your business systems and operations to find ways to lower expenses and increase profits in ways that you maynot have been aware of.


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