Tax Preparation

Made Simple & Stress Free

We recognize our clients trust us with sensitive personal and financial details. Your tax preparation team always puts the highest priority on protecting the information you share and treating it with the utmost confidentiality. 

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Reduce Liability

Our tax preparation services will help reduce the amount of your gross income subject to taxation. We’ll help you find deductions you might not even know about.

Avoid Mistakes

Business and individual returns are complicated. Tax software won’t help you if you make mistakes and get audited, but if you use our tax preparation services, we will.

Save Time

What’s dry and confusing to many is our native language. Let us do the hard work of tax prep so you can get back to what you do best.

Tax Preparation Basics

What Our Tax Pros Do

Our team members have decades of combined experience, and we can wear a lot of hats. Before tax season, we’ll help you go over income and expenses to reduce liability and identify potential deductions. When it’s time, we can calculate your taxes, file, and sign on your behalf. After filing, if you need us, we’ll represent you in the event of a tax audit. Clients trust our tax pros because of the following:


Nothing about taxes is simple. Everyone’s situation is different, whether you own a business or pay individual taxes. Tax software is never as helpful as a human being who gets to know your financial situation and puts your best interests first.


Your time is valuable. Sure, you could spend less out of pocket doing your own taxes online, but how much time would you spend learning the software, looking for documents, inputting data, checking for errors, then worrying whether you did it right?


Tax preparation saves money. Study after study shows tax pros find more deductions or credits than software, so more of what you earn stays in your pocket.


Mistakes are expensive. Eliminate uncertainty by hiring tax professionals who live and breathe tax preparation every day of the year.

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Answers To Your Tax Preparation Questions

Is tax preparation deductible this year? Who can I claim as a dependent? Do I have to pay taxes on my social security income or disability benefits? How can I pay less on business or personal taxes? Where is my refund?

When clients trust us for tax preparation, they don’t have to wonder. They never spend hours on hold with the IRS and they don’t have to fill out confusing online forms to get answers. They simply get in touch, and we provide personalized service.

What if you could have complete confidence your taxes were done correctly and you got every deduction for which you were eligible? What if you never again had to worry about what you’d do if you received notice of an audit? With McNeely & McNeely, you get the best when it comes to tax preparation, tax planning, and tax strategy.



Strategic Planing

Get sound financial advice and economic forecasting so you can depend on future growth.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Cash flow is the lifeblood of business. A Virtual CFO helps you plan for the short and long term.

Performance Management

Our processes will help you get departments, systems, teams running at their peak.

Payroll Services

Turn over the time-consuming process of tracking hours, calculating pay, withholding, and more.

Tax Consulting

Don’t pay more taxes than you should ever again. Our virtual CFO services will help you reduce your tax liability.

Tax Preparation

We’ll take care of estimated quarterly tax payments, prepare and file your, and keep you up to date on change.


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