There is a fair question. “I already know this stuff so why do I need leadership training?” The answer lies in our careful choice of a name for this series and can be demonstrated by a true story.

“No, that’s enough,” said Dwight.

A million years ago I played small college basketball in Southern California. (I have the t-shirt saying The older I get the higher I could jump.) On the college’s athletic staff was a well-known trainer named Harry Sneider. One of Harry’s most famous clients, other than me, was Dwight Stones, former world record holder, world champion, and Olympic competitor for the high jump.   I happened to be in the weight room when Harry was putting Dwight through his paces and I heard an exchange that stayed with me.

“That’s it,  great! One More! One More,” exclaimed Harry.

“No, that’s enough,” said Dwight as he abruptly stood up and moved to another machine.

The point: Even though he paid Harry Sneider to train him, Dwight Stones was clearly in charge.   Secondly, even though at this stage in his career Dwight Stones could have come up with his own workout regime, he enlisted the help of a coach who knew fitness, but couldn’t have high-jumped over a hobbyhorse. You see, because of a childhood injury or illness, Harry Sneider—a powerful, muscled, athletic man—walks with a pronounced limp.   Dwight hired a coach to help him do what he knew to do.   We all get so busy that sometimes it is helpful to have a coach help us to focus on what is important, but not urgent. Our job, in presenting Business Leader Circuit Training, is to remind, teach, exhort, encourage, and inspire about high-impact leadership principles.   You remain in charge of what you do.

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